Center for Integrated Healthcare Delivery Systems

a unit of the Clinical and Translational Sciences Institute (CTSI)

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Healthcare Delivery News

Workshop to address opportunities for improving health care delivery systems More

Industrial engineers visit France to study health care delivery systems More

The seventh annual CIHDS workshop will include presentations by colleagues at University of Michigan and North Carolina State University. Agenda

CIHDS received a COE Global Engineering Leadership Program (GELP) award that will support a study on Systems Engineering in Health Care Coordination with colleagues in France during Spring Break 2015.

Penn State hosted the Fall 2014 NSF CHOT meeting with partners from Verizon. Agenda

Healthcare Delivery Video

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Research Areas

CIHDS is a vibrant organization that has been focused on creating healthcare solutions through collaborative research, education, and outreach. Our work focuses on three core areas of healthcare delivery:

Patient-Centered Interventions:

Patient-Centered Interventions
  • Admissions policies
  • Access & safety
  • Adherence
  • Care coordination

Techology & Informatics:

Techology & Informatics
  • EMR usability
  • HIT in team care
  • Data visualization
  • Gamification

Operational Efficiency and Improvement Analytics:

Operational Efficiency and Improvement Analytics
  • Patient flow
  • HAI control
  • Financial incentives
  • Lean re-design